pH Microsensors

Measuring with high spatial resolution / Sensor tip below 150 µm

pH Microsensor Tip
  • Insertion in plant and animal tissue
  • Measuring in smallest volume
  • Profiling of pH gradients

pH Microsensors are miniaturized pH sensors designed for measuring in small volumes and high spatial resolution. The sensor tip is below 150 µm. The sensors are based on a 140 µm silica fiber which enables integration into a manifold of small scale environments. These sensors do not require reference electrodes and there is no leakage of electrolytes, a clear advantage over common electrodes.


  • High spatial resolution
  • No need for reference electrodes
  • Integration into plant and animal tissue
  • Optimized for culture media and physiological solutions
  • Independent on electromagnetic fields

Selected Probes

Needle-Type pH Microsensor

Needle-Type pH Microsensor

Needle-type pH Microsensors are the perfect tool for measuring in small volumes and for implementation into a variety of tissues. The protective housing enables a manifold of applications. The design is optimal for easy penetration of tissue, septum rubber or packaging materials. After penetration the sensor tip is extended for measurement.

Implantable pH Microsensor

Implantable pH Microsensor

Implantable probes are the miniaturized pH sensors designed for various customized applications. The tiny probe has a tip size of 150 µm while the outer diameter ranges from 140 µm to 900 µm.

The microsensor tip is not mounted in any additional housing. The bare glass fiber tip can be mounted to your own housings, steel tubes, catheters, etc. As the probe is free of metal, it can be used in the presence of high electromagnetical fields and even NMR environment.

Measurement Principle

Illustration: Measurement Principle pH

The Patented Dual Lifetime Referenced (DLR) Method

The patented DLR method enables internally referenced measurements. A combination of different fluorescent dyes detects intensity changes in the time domain. It is essential for the pre-calibrated measurements and the easy parallelisation of measurement through the identical calibration of large numbers of sensor spots.

Examples for Applications

Examples for Applications

pH Measurement in Animal Tissue
pH Measurement in Plants and Animals

pH Microsensors can be implanted even in small animals. New insigths in the physiological aspects can be obtained. Due to the small size of the probes only a minimal disturbance will occur.

pH Measurement in Microtiter Plate
pH Measurement in Small Volumes

Due to the small dimension of the probe, pH measurements can be done in very small volumes - even in microtiter plates of a higher format like 384 or 1536. No need for reference electrodes - a real step forward, especially in small volumes. Of course, the measurement is independent of electromagnetical fields - this even allows measuring in NMR spectrometers.

pH Microsensor in Customized Housing
Customized Microsensors

pH Microsensors can be implemented in a broad variety of customized housings. "Catheder" as well as special cannulas or needles will turn the pH Microsensor in the ideal tool for your special application.

Technical Data

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Transmitters & Accessories

pH-1 micro - Micro Fiber Optic pH Meter

pH-1 micro

Micro fiber optic pH transmitter for use with pH Microsensors.

pH-4 micro - Multi-Channel Micro Fiber Optic pH Meter

pH-4 micro

4-channel micro fiber optic pH transmitter for use with pH Microsensors.

Manual Micromanipulator for PreSens Microsensors

Manual Micromanipulator

High resolution control for oxygen & pH microsensors

Automated Micromanipulator with Profiling Microsensor

Automated Micromanipulator AM

Fully automated, high resolution control for PreSens microsensors