Electro-Optical Module EOM-CO2-mini

Non-invasive CO2 measurement | Fast integration with integration package

  • Experienced customer support
  • Variety of sensor integrations available
  • Assembled according to ISO 9001:2008

The electro-optical module EOM-CO2-mini is a precise OEM solution for non-invasive CO2 measurements. Assembled according to ISO 9001:2008 they deliver certified quality. In addition, validation and customization of the integrated software is offered. EOM-CO2-mini supports patented DLR based CO2 sensors.

Technical Data

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Sensors & Accessories

Sensor Spots CO2

Sensor Spots CO2

The most versatile version of carbon dioxide sensors.

Polymer Optical Fiber POF

Polymer Optical Fiber (POF)

They serve as a versatile connection from transmitter to sensor probe.

CO2 Flow-Through Cell FTC-CD1

CO2 Sensor Flow Through Cell (FTC-CD1)

The FTC-CD1 is used for integration in a tubing system.

Coaster CFG


A variety of accessories like connectors to different vessels is available.