Imaging - VisiSens Detector Unit LEDs


VisiSens applied for Rhizosphere Imaging - Insert: CO2 Imaging in Crop Plant Rhizosphere

Plants /
Root Systems

Photosynthesis, pheno- typing, plant-soil interactions

Microfluidic Chip - Insert: 2D Analyte Distribution in Microfluidic Chip


Oxygen monitoring in microfluidic devices enhances chip design

VisiSens Applied in Diffusion Experiment - Insert: Oxygen Distribution in Polychaete Burrow

Sediments /

Assessing microbial activity in sediments 2-dimensionally

Petri Dishes - Insert: Oxygen Imaging in Multidish Well

Cell Culture

Non-invasive monitoring of O2, pH, and CO2 distributions over sample cross sections

Mouse - Insert: Oxygen Imaging of Mouse Kidney

Animal /
Human Physiology

2-dimensional information on analyte distributions in physiological research

Wooden Wine Barrel - Insert: Oxygen Imaging in Oak Wood

Process Control /
Material Research

Assessing analyte distributions gives new insight in material properties

Coral - Insert: Oxygen Imaging of individual Coral

Environmental Research

2D analyte visualization in environmental investigations

PET Bottle and Food Packaging - Insert: Imaging in Hermetically Sealed Transport Vial


Leak tightness, oxygen ingress, barrier properties: The prerequisite for quality control and transport

VisiSens TD Light Sources

Engineering /

Lifetime Imaging & Customized Imaging Solutions