Measure O2 - No Matter the Type of Packaging Material

June 22, 2020

Wireless oxygen monitoring and, therefore, quality assurance of oxygen-sensitive food, wine and all other beverages during transportation is now possible thanks to the new OXYLogger from PreSens

The OXYLogger was especially developed for the food & beverage industry, for packaging development or air-tightness tests (e.g. dark colored PET bottles with a diameter of at least 28 mm), for quality control in products (e.g. wine barrels, in dry goods or dairy powders) and packaging. As the sealed stainless-steel housing complies with FDA regulations, it allows non-invasive monitoring of oxygen in sealed food packaging or containers. The nature of the packaging material is of no interest, as the wirelessly operated Bluetooth device is put directly inside the sealed product container or the product itself. The measurements themselves are recorded and controlled conveniently on a smartphone or tablet. It also has an integrated temperature sensor for temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement.

Above all, the developer and product manager of the OXYLogger at PreSens, Dr. Christian Huber, had especially the frequently requested flexibility of products in mind, when developing this new oxygen device, with a measurement range of max. 0 - 100 % O2. "It does not matter whether oxygen ingress needs to be detected in powdered products, like e.g. milk powder, or wine. And, the type of material of the packaging may vary. The OXYLogger can be put into any medium- to large-sized product container", says Huber, "It is possible to perform single scans, for quick checks on the current oxygen content, or you can set long-term measurement intervals to follow the development of oxygen levels over extended time periods."


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