New Optical Oxygen Probe for Bioreactors

September 5, 2017

PreSens introduces with its OXYPro an optical oxygen probe which contributes to safe and stable culture conditions, especially in bioreactors, due to its specifications.

The probe, weighing only 100 g, combines a pressure resistant optical sensor and an electro-optical module. It measures different dissolved and gaseous oxygen ranges, from wide range monitoring to detecting ultra-trace O2 amounts, and can easily be integrated in any control system due to its standard PG 13.5 thread.

The probe, available in different lengths, is made of stainless steel and stands cleaning in place and steam sterilisation. Membrane cleaning, polarisation or replenishment of electrolyte solutions is not necessary. The used sensor caps can easily be exchanged or varied, as there are various styles of caps (for applications which need to be in accordance to USP VI or with a fast response coating for kLa measurements, etc). As digital interface it uses RS485 (PreSens proprietary or Modbus RTU) and has a 4 - 20 mA analogue output. A serial communication protocol is offered for data exchange between OXYPro and a PC or another host unit. This low maintenance probe reduces the workload in laboratories considerably. They can also be applied in beverage & brewing industries, as well as in industrial applications with harsh measurement conditions.


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