The Importance of a Multi-Parameter Approach

February 8, 2023

While comparing results from monitoring S. cerevisiae cultures with just measuring one parameter or benefitting from the online multi-sensor monitoring with the SFR vario, the multi-parameter approach wins. It shows that in different culture phases different sensors provide the best results, allowing a reliable overall picture with most conclusive information in different culture phases.

The SFR vario offers monitoring of several independently measured parameters, e.g. oxygen, pH, CO2, biomass and OUR, and delivers the full picture. The signals can validate each other to have higher bioprocess security and more reliable and reproducible production. It gives uninterrupted conclusive information for the whole culture period. This makes it the ideal tool for process development at shake flask scale. The product is flexible, scalable and connected using wireless technology. The underlying study* conducted by researchers from Zurich University of Applied Sciences was conducted on S. cerevisiae cultures, but the principles of a multi-parameter approach to monitoring microbial cultures can be applied to other cultures as well.

*this work was partially funded by Eurostars project No. 11795



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