We have a Winner for the VisiSens TD Competition 2018

June 18, 2018

Congratulations to Markus Maisch and his colleagues Andreas Kappler and Caroline Schmidt from the Center for Applied Geoscience at the University of Tübingen! They convinced our jury with a detailed report on the use of VisiSens TD imaging technology for investigating geochemical patterns in the rhizosphere of rice plants.

In this year's competition, scientists got the chance to work with our latest innovation in imaging technology - the VisiSens TD multi-parameter imaging system. Starting in February, the competition participants had 2 months to use the device for mapping O2, pH and CO2 simultaneously. From the numerous competition applications, our team of experts had picked 5 contestants working in different science sectors such as biotechnology, microfluidics or material research.

In the end, it was the report of Markus Maisch and his colleagues describing their geochemical investigations that made 1st prize. They combined the VisiSens TD with several additional methods, like e.g. microsensor measurements, to do fast, high resolution and visual evaluations of the different redox properties in the entire rhizosphere and directly at the roots of rice plants. They already have several ideas for future applications in which the VisiSens TD - which is now theirs - may lead to further exciting insights. However, as work is not everything in live, we also hope the winners will have lots of fun with their new oculus rift!

Results from the winning competition report will be published soon on our webpage!

We would like to thank all participants for their time and commitment, and hope you all enjoyed working with the VisiSens TD system.


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