What is the Basic Measurement Principle behind PreSens' Technology?

July 3, 2017

At this years’ General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna in late April 2017, PreSens presented its solutions for microprofiling and modular O2, pH and CO2 mapping. And all 15,500 scientists visiting the assembly had the chance to win an Ultra-HD-Action Camera when visiting the PreSens’ booth.

Floriane Ahadi, Ph.D. candidate at the Université Paris Sud, is the lucky winner of the PreSens’ sweepstake. In order to win the GoPro Hero 5 Floriane had to answer which sensor formats are available at PreSens (non-invasive sensors, microsensors & imaging devices) and name the basic measurement principle behind our technology (optical chemical sensors). This was easy enough for her since she was introduced not only to the new modular system VisiSens TD for mapping O2, pH and CO2 but also to the high resolution oxygen and pH profiling microsensors at our exhibition booth.

Both sensor formats are ideally suited for the tasks geoscientists have to face! Possible applications e. g. are a 2-dimensional assessment of gradient development in flume chambers or sediment cores or the analysis of root soil interactions. Furthermore, the profiling microsensors together with the micromanipulators are the tools for accurate microprofiling in sediments. And robust dipping probes can directly be inserted in soils and are well suited for long-term macro-scale investigations.

Those geoscientists focusing more on hydrology will benefit from our oxygen dipping probes and the splash-proof and portable Fibox 4. This product combination offers a very easy-to-handle method for fast assessments in water quality analysis and – what is needed while working in the field – cannot only be applied in laboratories but even in harsh environments. The Fibox 4 can also be combined with SensorVials (20 mL). These glass vials have an integrated sensor stripe and by using the Vial Adapter, which can be positioned in different heights, it is a smooth way to determine respiratory activity or photosynthetic activity for algae.

PreSens congratulates Floriane to her action camera and she will surely be one of the geoscientists profiting from our measurement principles while doing research somewhere on our planet.


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