Wireless O2 Monitoring in Product Containers

Quality Assurance and Total Package Oxygen Determination with OXYLogger

The PreSens wireless oxygen measurement system OXYLogger is ideally suited for measurements in oxygen-sensitive goods and packaging. The battery-powered, completely independent measurement device can be placed in closed or sealed containers filled with liquid or solid products and used for long-term oxygen measurements or periodic checks of total package oxygen. The container does not have to be pierced or opened - the OXYLogger connects to the PreSens Wireless Studio app (Android or iOS) on your smartphone via Bluetooth for contactless oxygen monitoring.

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Quality Assurance in Food & Beverage Packaging

The OXYLogger was specially designed for food & beverage applications. Its stainless-steel housing is completely sealed, and the used materials comply with FDA regulations*. The instrument can be used for wireless dissolved oxygen monitoring in liquids, e.g. wine barrels, or to measure gaseous O2 in dry goods or powdered products. Detect oxygen ingress or permeation through the packaging material and make sure the quality of your product is maintained during storage or transport.

*Housing: 21 CFR 177. 2470
 Sensor coating: Art. 3,EU Framework Regulation 1935/2004 and 21 CFR 170.39 (2)

Wireless O2 Measurements - How it's Done

Place the OXYLogger in your product container and seal it. Download the PreSens Wireless Studio app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Start the app, scan for nearby devices and connect the OXYLogger to the app via Bluetooth. You can start right away with oxygen monitoring in your product packaging. It is possible to perform single scans, for quick checks on the current oxygen content, or you can set long-term measurement intervals to follow the development of oxygen levels over extended time periods. Disconnect the OXYLogger from the app and the device will continue measuring for the set time period. You can reconnect any time to see if anything has changed, or stop the measurement and download the data.


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