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OEM Components for Optical Measurement
of O2, pH, CO2 & Biomass

PreSens offers precise OEM solutions for optical oxygen, pH, CO2 or biomass measurements. The electro-optical modules (EOMs) are ready to be integrated into monitoring & control systems. They represent the smallest fiber optic digital phase transmitters to be used for temperature compensated optical measurement. Our in-stock OEM products might already be the solution for your monitoring set-up. And for customized solution, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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  • The electro-optical modules have a small outer diameter and low power consumption and will expand your system’s functionality for non-invasive or minimally invasive optical measurements. Our integration guide guarantees the fast implementation of the devices. As a standard digital interface, they use a RS232 or RS485 communication port. Different communication protocols, including Modbus, are available. Additionally, a 4-wire temperature sensor can be connected for online temperature measurements. Our pH OEM components are designed for use with non-invasive optical pH sensor spots and flow-through cells. The oxygen OEM solutions include transmitters for optical oxygen measurements in normal or trace oxygen range, as well as a microfiber optic EOM for connection of oxygen microsensors. CO2 OEM components can be implemented for non-invasive measurements in the liquid phase. For many years now PreSens also provides optical biomass measurement solutions. If you are interested in a customized biomass monitoring unit, please CONTACT US. The production of the boards according to ISO 9001 and upon specific agreement to EN ISO 13485 AC guarantees certified quality.

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