CO2 Microprofiling in Semi-Solids

Profiling CO2 Microsensor PM-CDM1 (Prototype)

The CO2 Profiling Microsensor can be used for all profiling applications in semi-solid substrates, such as sediments, microbial mats or biofilms. The PM-CDM1 is the most robust version of PreSens CO2 Microsensors and has a close-fitting fiber guidance and mechanical interlock for precise vertical localization of the measurement tip. The sensor tip is extendable with a turning mechanism.

  • CO2 measurements in liquids & semi-solid substrates (0.04 to 5 % CO2)
  • High spatial resolution (250 µm)
  • Ideal for physiological solutions
  • Precise on-the-spot measurements
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*preliminary data
**provided the CO2 microsensors are used without further handling in physiological solution under physiological conditions
***temperature compensation not available yet. Please contact our experts regarding your measurement temperature.
Measurement range 0.04 - 5 % CO2 at atmospheric pressure
Response time (t90) for a CO2 change from 0.5 to 1 % < 5 min (at 25 °C)
< 3 min (at 37 °C)
Resolution at 25 °C ± 0.01 % at 0.1 % CO2
± 0.1 % at 1 % CO2
Spatial resolution 250 µm
Measurement temperature range*** From + 12 °C to + 42 °C
Compatibility Aqueous solutions, pH 4 to 9
Cross-sensitivity Organic solvents, volatile acids (e.g. HCl vapors, acetic acid) and sulfidic environments will damage the sensor irreversibly
Calibration CO2 sensors are pre-calibrated at the required temperature***; re-calibration is possible and recommended

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