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Multi-Parameter Systems for Highly Parallelized Optical Measurements

PreSens offers special systems for simultaneous online monitoring of multiple parameters, and highly parallelized measurements in a multitude of samples. These readers can directly be installed inside shaking incubators and allow non-invasive oxygen and pH monitoring in different cultivation vessels, or even optical biomass measurement in shake flasks. Our different multi-parameter systems are designed for culture monitoring applications from mL up to several L scale.

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    Disposable cultivation vessels with integrated, pre-calibrated oxygen and / or pH sensors are placed on the readers, and cultivation parameters are then monitored continuously through the transparent container bottom. With this contactless measurement principle cumbersome sampling is no more necessary and the contamination risk or errors by outgassing are minimized.
    While multidishes in 6- or 24-well format can be monitored with the SDR SensorDish® Reader, the Shake Flask Readers SFR and SFR vario are used for measurements in – as their name already says –  shake flasks, but can also be applied for online monitoring in cultivation tubes, and cell culture flasks.

    Oxygen, OUR, pH & Biomass - Multi-Parameter Monitoring in Small-Scale Culture Vessels

    Conventional measurement methods can be quite cumbersome when trying to monitor dissolved oxygen (DO) or pH in small-scale culture formats. Especially invasive measurement methods, like electrodes, can cause problems when working in contamination-free processes, or are simply not applicable at smaller scales. PreSens non-invasive sensors integrated in disposable cultivation vessels and the respective multi-parameter systems allow oxygen and pH monitoring or online biomass measurements in shake flasks without sampling - even in mL scale. The readers are installed directly inside the incubator, and are controlled from the outside via PC. Real-time information about metabolic activity or possible limitations can be obtained without having to open the incubator door or remove the culture from a controlled environment.
    These devices are ideally suited for monitoring microbial or cell culture. In parallelized measurements media can be evaluated and optimized, or harvesting strategies developed. The devices can be used for seed train and bioprocess development. However, the applicability of our multi-parameter systems is not only reduced to culture monitoring, other interesting experiments conducted include respiration measurements in small aquatic organisms or oxygen development in chemical reactions with different components.