Re-Usable Sensors for the Energy Sector

Monitoring oxygen levels in industrial environments can be crucial to guarantee safety and comply with regulations. Whether it is cooling water, hazardous environment, natural gas pipelines or tanks, precis O2 measurements can help keep humans and the environment form harm and avoid damage to your equipment, e.g. by corrosion.

Optical sensors are ideally suited for oxygen monitoring in industrial environments. The sensors have excellent long-term stability and need minimal maintenance and re-calibration, so they can be used over extended measurement periods and can also be implemented in monitoring systems in remote areas (e.g. our oxygen sensors are used for monitoring in transformer oils). Due to the optical measurement principal, these sensors can also be used in hazardous environments.

Precise Optical Oxygen Monitoring

Compared to electrochemical oxygen probes PreSens optical measurement systems deliver better accuracy at trace oxygen levels. Sensor systems for different measurement ranges are available, from 100 % O2 down to 0.5 ppmv O2.

The re-usable oxygen probes with stainless steel housing are offered with different digital interfaces and communication protocols (Modbus, PreSens proprietary), so they can be integrated in already existing control systems. The oxygen sensor in these probes is integrated in a removable cap, so if needed, only the sensor cap has to be replaced instead of the whole probe.

Another solution are metal flow-through cells with integrated sensors that can be connected to small boards or wall-mount reading units. Like in the re-usable probes, the sensor is integrated in a removable cap, so if necessary the sensor cap in the installed flow-through cell can easily be exchanged. Optical sensors are independent from the flow velocity and so not consume oxygen during the measurement process.

The Customized Measurement System for Your Requirements

PreSens OEM components and sensors can be customized and our engineers will find the right solution for your monitoring set-up. Numerous other companies from different industry sectors are already working with PreSens measurement systems for many years. Make use of our experience and let us be your partner in developing and implementing your oxygen monitoring system.

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