Re-Usable Sensors for Aquaculture & Environmental Research

Dissolved oxygen is an important parameter when assessing water quality and an indicator for the condition of a body of water, as it directly affects aquatic organisms. Therefore, measuring dissolved oxygen is essential in aquaculture, wastewater treatment and many fields of environmental research.

Optical sensors are ideally suited for long-term monitoring, as they need only minimal maintenance compared to electrochemical probes. They deliver precise measurements even at lower O2 levels.

Optical Oxygen Probes Customized to Your Requirements

PreSens re-usable oxygen probes are waterproof with stainless steel housing and are available for different measurement ranges. They are offered with different digital interfaces and additional analog output. This way, they can be integrated in existing monitoring systems or multi-sensor set-ups and the oxygen readings can be combined with other analysis data. Furthermore, we offer probes that can be controlled form a smartphone via Bluetooth.

The oxygen sensor is long-term stable and integrated in a removable cap. Therefore, if necessary, the sensor cap can be exchanged, without having to replace the whole probe body. This is not only cost-effective, but also reduces unnecessary waste.

Your Customized Monitoring System

We offer several oxygen measurement and OEM solutions for integration in your monitoring set-up or for long-term use in field research. Get in touch with our experts to find the ideal solution for your application. Probes and OEM components can be cutomized to your specifications. You can rely on our years of experience and extensive customer support.

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