Single-Use Containers Demand Single-Use Sensors

Gernot Thomas John and Sarina Arain;

BioProcess International Vo. 6 No. 7: Yearbook 2008

Why Chemical Optical Sensors from PreSens Precision Sensing Are an Excellent Option

Demand for single-use bioprocess systemsin the biotech and pharmaceutical industry has increased signigicantly in recent years. Among other reasons- such as operations, sourcing, and validation - their lower initial investment capital makes disposable systems very attractive for the pharmaceutical industry. When Wave Viotech introduced the firs wave-action reactor/mixer, it was seen by some as the start of single-use technology. Once containers become single-use, all other parts of the manufacturing process ideally have to follow the same principle. These include coneectors, tubings, pumps, ultrafiltration/diafiltration (UF/DF) devices, and last but not least: sensors.

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