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Oxygen Sensor* Technology for Medical Equipment Manufacturers

In times of the corona / covid-19 crisis it is even more important to have the right equipment for treating patients with acute respiratory problems. PreSens offers oxygen measurement solutions that can be integrated in medical devices like patient monitoring systems and ventilators. You are looking for sensor components to integrate in your healthcare monitoring product, breathing gas or blood gas analyzer?

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Schematic illustration of patient monitoring with optical sensors
OXYBase O2 probe, oxygen sensor spots and O2 flow-through cells

O2 Sensors* in Medical Devices

Optical oxygen sensors are small and can be manufactured in various designs. As the sensor itself can be physically separated from the electronic measurement components, measurements can not only be performed non-invasively, the sensor can also be placed in easily exchangeable parts - like single-use flow-through cells - for sensor replacement.

These oxygen sensors can be used to determine the O2 content in breathing gas mixtures, or integrated in ventilators. They are even small enough to be placed in the oxygen mask itself, for fast sequential checks.

Our oxygen sensors are made in Germany according to ISO 13485!

Precise Electro-Optical Modules for Patient Monitoring

The precise OEM components for medical devices have a small outer diameter, low power consumption, and are ready to be integrated into monitoring & control systems. Our integration guide guarantees a fast implementation. As a standard digital interface they use a RS232 or RS485 communication port. Different communication protocols are available. Alternatively, one of our portable oxygen meters with display can be used for fast checks on the oxygen content in breathing gas mixtures, or in the ventilator hose where our optical oxygen sensors can easily be integrated.

We can provide oxygen measurement solutions for healthcare OEM customers and can develop an O2 measurement module to your specifications!

Fibox 4 and electro-optical modules

Features of Our O2 Sensors:

  • Measurement range of 0 - 100 % O2
  • Integration in single-use or replaceable parts
  • Highly accurate & long-term stable
  • No consumption of oxygen
  • Manufactured according to EN ISO 13485
  • Various sensor designs possilbe

Features of Our OEM Components:

  • Small
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast integration with integration package
  • More than thousand systems in the field
  • Experienced customer support
  • Assembled according to ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485

* Our sensors themselves are no medical devices under German law.


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