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PreSens Electro-Optical Module Rail Mount

Our Support in Every Step

PreSens will support you in all steps of product development and in integrating optical OEM measurement components in your monitoring units. PreSens electro-optical modules (EOMs) will be designed according to your specifications, and we also offer special mounting solutions, e.g. for standard rails in control cabinets, so you can easily upgrade your product with optical O2, pH, CO2 or biomass measurements.

Fast Implementation and Beyond

Special adapters help connecting your PreSens OEM components to a PC and do first tests or perform pre-settings, before the equipment is integrated in your product or application. Furthermore, our integration guide supports you in the implementation of our optical measurement components in your system. EOMs are designed and tested to meet the requirements of the national EMC directives and safety norms. We are happy to offer professional support during the conformity process of your final product.

PreSens Electro-Optical Module on Evaluation Board
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Experienced Customer Support

For many years now PreSens develops tailored sensor solutions and optical OEM components that can be implemented in most different systems and applications. Thousands of our EOMs are already in use all around the globe and you can count on our experienced customer support. Let us help you realize your vision!


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