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Single-Use Technology for Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies offer new opportunities for treating different diseases. Research and development in this sector has massively grown over the last decade. A key requirement for the successful production of cell and gene therapeutics are scalable, robust cell culture systems that meet regulatory requirements. Single-use technologies are indispensable for manufacturers as they not only ensure safe and efficient production but also help reducing production costs.

Cell expansion in single-use bioreactors, like e.g. cell culture bags, requires a controlled environment. However, there is not much use in introducing re-usable sensors in such single-use systems. Installation and cleaning cause labor and the whole culture system is not fully closed anymore, which increases the risk of contaminations.

Single-Use Sensors for Perfusion Bioreactors

Luer Lock adapters with optical sensors can easily be integrated in any perfusion set-up and allow continuous monitoring of important cell culture parameters. The small electro-optical modules for sensor read-out can directly be installed in monitoring and control units. The separate sensor components allow safe integration in tubing under Laminar flow, before they are connected to the bioreactor and the measurement unit. With this measurement system the sensor shelf life is decoupled from the shelf life of pre-sterilized single-use bioreactors.

Schematic illustration of perfusion cell culture bioreactor and sensor sticks with OEM boards

Optical Sensor Technology for Cell Culture Monitoring

PreSens single-use oxygen and pH sensors can easily be integrated in cell culture bags. Our Nice Ports (DO Nice Port / pH Nice Port) can be welded with the bag material, leaving the bag fully closed. The small optical sensor attached to the port is read out non-invasively from outside.

Furthermore, small single-use flow-through cells can be integrated in the flow path of perfusion bioreactors to monitor oxygen consumption or media pH. Alternatively, use our Sensor Sticks where the sensor is attached to a Luer Lock adapter, which can be integrated in any cultivation system via Luer connector.

OEM Solutions for Safe and Efficient Production

PreSens can provide multiparameter monitoring solutions for pH, O2, temperature, and - where feasible - biomass, CO2 and glucose. Our sensors enable online monitoring and ensure safe cell culture conditions. Combine non-invasive optical measurements with other data to ensure reliable, cost-effective and safe cell processing. The optical measurement principle and use of optical fibers offers high flexibility in bioreactor and culture vessel design.
Furthermore, we can provide OEM solutions for simultaneous measurements in a multitude of cell culture vessels, e.g. we developed a read-out unit for eight single-use bioreactors with pH and oxygen control. Our compact, modular read-out units can quickly be adapted to your requirements and integrated in existing housings or control units.

Let us be your partner in developing and implementing your single-use cell culture system. With many years experience in different OEM projects and sensor engineering, we can support you on your way to successful production of cell and gene therapeutics.

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