20 Years of Experience in OEM Development

For decades PreSens has provided customers from most different industries and research institutions with tailored optical measurement solutions. Whether it is adapting electro-optical modules to fit the measurement set-up and environment, developing customized sensor ports, adapting our systems for single-use applications or create robust measurement solutions for long-term use in harsh environments – our OEM components already have shown their many advantages in most different applications. Let us help you to bring your ideas to life!

Optical Sensors in Deep Sea Research - School of Fish

Deep Sea Research

PreSens sensor spots and read-out units have been integrated in titanium fittings that can stand 600 bar, so oxygen measurements at a depth of 6,000 m can be performed.

O2 Sensor Spots SP-PSt3

Optical Sensors for the Brewing Industries - Copper Pipes

Brewing Industry

Oxygen probes have been integrated in Varivent fittings to enable oxygen measurements in the process chain.

O2 Probe OXYPro® TR & TRM
Triclamp Adapter

Optical Probe Inserted in Steel Fermenter

Production Scale-Bioreactor

An autoclavable, robust probe compatible with most ports and port adapters has been developed to monitor oxygen in production-scale bioreactors.

Oxygen Probe OIM-PSt3

Brain Catheter - Surgeons in Operating Room

Brain Catheter

An implantable PreSens microsensor has been integrated in a catheter together with a temperature and pressure sensor. This multi-sensor device was developed for brain surgery.

O2 Microsensors IMP-PSt7

Culture Bag with Integrated Optical Sensor and EOM board

Disposable Bioreactor

PreSens sensors for contactless measurements were integrated in disposable bioreactors (bags). Factory calibration procedures were established to ease their use.

DO Nice Port
pH Nice Port

Semiconductor Development - Man working in cleanroom

Semiconductor Development

An extremely sturdy Teflon® flow-through cell has been developed that could stand oxidation, aggressive chemicals (e. g. TMAH up to 25 %) and abrasion of material while enabling oxygen monitoring in industrial environment.

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O2 Flow-Through Cells (Overview)

Blood Gas Analyzer in Operating Room

Blood Gas Analyzer

PreSens developed a solution for oxygen perfusion monitoring in blood-gas analyzers. After EtO-sterilization the oxygen sensors with fast response time are integrated in specially designed flow-through cells.

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Natural Gas - Gas Rig

Natural Gas

Metal flow-through connectors with integrated PreSens oxygen sensors are used for oxygen content monitoring in natural gas pipelines. The challenge was to develop an extremely leak tight measurement solution that detects oxygen concentrations in the range of 0.5 to 200 ppmv.

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Transformer Oil - Transformers

Transformer Oil

An optical exchange window and reading unit is integrated in transformers to monitor the oxygen content of transformer oils. A system with excellent long-term stability (10 years shelf life), an oil tight fitting and tolerant to temperatures from - 40 °C to + 80 °C had to be built, so it would work in desert as well as in polar climate.

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Zero Gravity Experiments - Satellite in Orbit

Zero Gravity Experiments

Due to their small outer dimensions an electro-optical module (EOM) and non-invasive sensor spots were used to monitor oxygen in a closed ecosystem in space. The unit had to be vibration resistant to stand starting and landing procedures of the satellite mission.

O2 Sensor Spots SP-PSt3

Cellular Assay - OxoPlate and HydroPlate

Cellular Assay / Cellular Fitness

Disposables with integrated sensors and the respective read-out electronics have been provided for implementation in a high throughput cell culture analysis system. Multiple culture parameters and cellular fitness can be monitored. 

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Fish Farming

Fish Farming

An extremely sturdy probe for use in ocean water was developed to monitor water quality in fish farms.

O2 Probe OXYBase®

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment

Oxygen is an important indicator for microbial activity, and with it the degradation of pollutants in wastewater treatment. PreSens robust steel probes for direct connection to control units are used for monitoring processes in treatment plants.

O2 Probe OXYPro®
O2 Probe OXYBase®

Optical Sensors in Education - Kids Perfoming Experiments


PreSens oxygen dipping probes and compact reading units were integrated in an experimental kit. Students will use it to perform photosynthesis and respiration measurements.

O2 Dipping Probe DP-PSt3

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cells

PreSens sensor spots and microsensors are applied to conduct battery tests and monitor diffusion processes in fuel cell development.

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Meat Packagings


Oxygen can affect the quality and shelf life of certain products. Ultra-fast oxygen sensors by PreSens are used to monitor oxygen during automated packaging processes. All-round devices allow fast quality checks in filled packaging or bottles.

Microx 4
O2 Sensor Spots SP-PSt7
O2 Microsensor NTH-PSt7

Orbital Welding

Orbital Metal Welding

Oxygen integrated during the welding process might cause corrosion. Therefore, the welding joint is flushed with argon and an oxygen measurement unit by PreSens is used to detect even oxygen traces below 200 ppm.

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Covid Vaccine Development - Researcher in Laboratory

Covid-19 Vaccine Development

PreSens single-use oxygen and pH sensor spots were used in disposable bioreactors to monitor culture conditions during vaccine development.

pH Sensor Spots SP-HP5
O2 Sensor Spots SP-PSt3

Organ Transport - Perfusion System

Organ Transport

Continuous perfusion can prolong cell, tissue and organ survival during transport. PreSens miniaturized non-invasive sensors are used in perfusion monitoring units during organ transport.

pH Flow-Through Cell FTC-SU-HP5
O2 Flow-Through Cell FTC-SU-PSt3

Personalized Medicine - Syringe and Pharmaceutical Vials

Personalized Medicine

PreSens non-invasive sensors are integrated in specialized, single-use cell culture equipment for the development of personalized medicines.

Single-Use Sensor Sticks SST


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