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Highest Expertise in Sensor Engineering

Being a step ahead of its competitors is the basis of each successfully working company. For this you will need new or further developed tools. Right from the beginning, PreSens Precision Sensing can be your partner while finding these new approaches: from specifications to implementation and up to production. Your customized solution comes from one single source. PreSens relies on excellent sensor engineering know-how, which results in demand-orientated products "Made in Germany". Let our team be your competent partner!


Reliable Design Transfer to Production

The advantage for our customers by developing sensor engineering together with PreSens - in comparison to research institutes - is the option to enter into the production process right away, even in large quantities. As all stages of the development of the customized solution are from one source, our customers can rely on an extensive after sales product support.

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Mechanical Design

In our in-house workshops, our engineers can develop, produce and test all new parts - from high precision optics to tailored device housings. They use 3D printing with FDM and DLP stereolithography as well as laser cutting and engraving.

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PreSens originates from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Regensburg. Sensitive dyes and polymer chemistry are our core competence and the basis of our intelligent measurement systems.

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Our development team designs measurement electronics according to your specifications. Numerous solutions for PCB design, different types of digital interfaces, and demands for low power consumption are just a few examples of what PreSens can realize for you.

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PreSens offers a variety of custom software solutions based on and supported by Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10. Our developers use high-level functional encapsulations with the latest C#.Net framework, and asynchronous techniques of the Microsoft framework. Furthermore, the modular structure of current software products allows integrating special features on request.


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