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Our Biotech & Pharma business field helps pharmaceutical companies such as Roche and DSM to improve their bioprocess development with PreSens sensors. With our non-invasive measurement systems no more time consuming sampling is necessary and they allow simultaneous monitoring of multiple samples. A wide variety of disposables with integrated, pre-calibrated sensors is available.


Bioprocess Development: Sensors in Small-scale Systems

The online measurement of dissolved oxygen concentration and pH in shaken bioreactors paves the way for proper scale up or scale down activities - from bench-top stirred bioreactors to larger or smaller scales. So far, appropriate measurement methods for culture monitoring in shake flasks were missing. With the application of single-use optical sensors culture conditions can be monitored online without sampling. They enable highly parallelized measurements in multiwell plates and flasks. Limitations can be detected in time while the online readings give new insights into metabolic activities in shaken cultures.

Production: Single-use and Autoclavable Sensor for Online Culture Monitoring

Bags and single-use bioreactors are in the process of revolutionizing the way biopharmaceuticals are manufactured. Our non-invasive oxygen and pH sensors - integrated in the culture vessels - are the tools to turn simple disposables into full bioreactors. For steel fermenters our robust probes are the ideal monitoring device, as they stand autoclaving, SIP, and CIP. The dissolved oxygen probes are equipped with standardized threads that are compatible with most bioreactors and port adapters and can be applied for measurement in large-scale cell or microbial cultures.

Drug Screening & Strain Development: Monitoring in Multiwell Culture Vessels

Microtiter plates and multidishes with integrated oxygen and pH sensors allow high-throughput assays. By monitoring cellular respiration, the effect of different concentrations of pharmaceutically active substances can be easily determined. In strain development the online dissolved oxygen and pH monitoring gives valuable information about the metabolic status of cultures at all times, while parallel experiments with different strains or different media composition are conducted. These disposables offer new options, e. g. when developing harvesting strategies and optimizing media.

Quality Control: Micro-Invasive & Fast Oxygen Determination

Oxygen inside packaging can affect the stability of pharmaceuticals. Micro-invasive sensors with steel needles are ideally suited to measure the oxygen content e. g. in blisters or pharmaceutical vials. Pierced through the packaging material, these sensors determine the oxygen content inside the headspace as well as in a liquid within seconds. It is an easy method to check and ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products and packaging.


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