Cell Culture Tubes with Integrated pH Sensors

iTube pH

The iTube pH consists of a plastic tube with integrated and pre-calibrated pH sensor spots. They are read out by the SFR Shake Flask Reader or SFR vario in combination with the specially designed iTube adapters. A small plastic adapter piece on the tube bottom allows correct positioning of the tube on the SFR / SFR vario.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Pre-Calibrated
  • For microbes & cell cultures
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* provided iTubes pH are used without further handling in physiological solutions
** at 100 rpm & with cell culture media
Measurement rangepH 5.5 - 8.0
Resolution**at pH = 7: ± 0.01 pH
Drift< 0.01 pH per day (sampling interval 1 min.)
Measurement temperature rangefrom + 5 to + 50 °C
Response time (t90)**at + 25 °C: < 60 sec.
CampatibiityAqueous solutions, ethanol (max. 10 % v/v), methanol (max. 10 % v/v), pH 2 - 10
Cross-sensitivityReduced to ionic strength (salinity); a high concentration of small fluorescent molecules in the visible range can interfere.
CalibrationiTubes are delivered irradiated
Storage stability12 months provided the sensor is stored in the dark

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