Single-Use Sensors for Biopharmaceutical Production

Manufacturers of biopharmaceutical products face several challenges: While production must be fast and cost-effective to compete on the global market, high quality standards must be met. Many biomanufacturing facilities therefore rely on single-use technologies, as they allow speeding up process development and working more efficiently with higher throughput. At the same time, they offer more flexibility.

Reliable process control is needed in all stages of biomanufacturing processes to ensure consistent scale-up. The integration of single-use sensors in disposable bioreactors can support process analysis right from the start and maximize productivity of your bioprocesses.

Non-invasive Measurement in Single-Use Bioreactors

Bags and single-use bioreactors are in the process of revolutionizing the way biopharmaceuticals are manufactured. Our non-invasive pH and DO sensors are the tools to make the cultivation vessel completely disposable while producing less waste, due to their small size.

The optical sensors are attached to ports (DO Nice Port / pH Nice Port) which can easily be welded with  bags and then sterilized. Sensor Sticks or small single-use flow-through cells can be connected to cultivation systems via standard Luer connectors. As the sensors are read-out contactless via an optical fiber there is no risk of contamination. The high precision measurements with our optical oxygen and pH sensors will assist controlling and analyzing your bioprocesses. It is a cost-effective way to make your bioprocess development more efficient.

DO and pH Nice Ports for welding into cell culture bags
Optical sensor sticks with OEM boards for sensor read-out

Sensor Components for Perfusion Bioreactors

Luer Lock adapters with optical sensors can easily be integrated in any perfusion set-up and allow continuous monitoring of important cell culture parameters. The small electro-optical modules for sensor read-out can directly be installed in monitoring and control units. The separate sensor components allow safe integration in tubing under Laminar flow, before they are connected to the bioreactor and the measurement unit. With this measurement system the sensor shelf life is decoupled from the shelf life of pre-sterilized single-use bioreactors.

Your Culture Monitoring Solution

We can provide multiparameter monitoring solutions for pH, O2, temperature, and - where feasible - biomass, CO2 and glucose. Combine non-invasive optical measurements with other process data and gain full insight and control. Additionally, there are no limits in the number of bioreactors or culture vessels you can monitor in parallel, e.g. we already manufactured a reader to monitor pH in 96 cell culture tubes simultaneously. Our OEM components and compact read-out units are modular and can quickly be adapted to customers' requirements. They can be integrated in existing housings and control systems.

Let us be your partner to improve your single-use biomanufacturing processes. Due to the many OEM projects we already realized with our customers we can offer you extensive experience and support.

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