Single-Use Systems for Monitoring in Microfluidics

Microfluidics provide efficient tools for various science fields. When microfluidic devices are used e.g. in tumor cell research, the assessment of cell metabolism or cell signaling in organ-on-a-chip applications monitoring the microenvironment is essential. However, as the cells are enclosed inside the chip direct measurement of essential culture parameters is difficult.

PreSens can provide efficient customized measurement systems for oxygen, pH and CO2 monitoring directly inside the microchannels or in the media that are pumped through the chip.

Optical sensors are perfectly suited for monitoring in microfluidics as they can be manufactured in different formats to suit the millifluidic or microfluidic application. They allow non-invasive read-out, so the cells' microenvironment is not altered. As the sensors do not consume the analyte during measurements they are ideal for measurements in small volumes and as they are very thin they do not affect the flow of the media. The sensor can be delivered sterile (beta-irradiated).

Different Sensor Designs for Microfluidics

SensorPlugs (for O2, pH and CO2) are specially designed for microfluidic applications. The sensor is attached to the tip of a plug, which is inserted in the corresponding port on the chip, so the sensor is in contact with the sample inside the channel. When inserted, the plug is sealing the port. The standard version SensorPlugs are based on Mini-Luer, but OEM versions for different ports are also available.

Another solution for culture parameter monitoring are PreSens single-use flow-through cells with sensors, which can be integrated in the tubing at the chip's inlet and outlet. The FTCs are also available in different formats with different inner volumes starting from 2.1 µL.

O2, pH and CO2 SensorPlug inserted in millifluidic chip

Customized Monitoring Systems

All sensors - whether it is SensorPlugs or FTCs - can be used with Electro-Optical Modules. These compact modular boards can be adapted to your special requirements and integrated in custom control units or housings. PreSens offers software solutions and communication protocols, so the sensor data can be embedded into your microfluidic device controls.
Let us be your partner in developing a monitoring set-up for your microfluidic application.

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