Re-Usable Probes for Production-Scale Bioreactors

Reliable process control for established production processes is essential to guarantee consistent quality and yield. Re-usable sensors that can be integrated in steel bioreactors and fermenters help to provide optimal culture conditions.

PreSens optical oxygen sensors give you proven and reliable performance with excellent long-term stability. They deliver precise online measurements and process control. They can easily be integrated in the bioreactors via standard ports with PG 13.5 thread. The probes are very robust and stand CIP and steam sterilization, so they can be cleaned quickly and safely.

Optical Sensor Technology for Your Production Processes

PreSens oxygen probes can be connected to existing control systems, and the real-time sensor data can be combined with other process data for continuous control. The optical exchange cap at the probe tip allows exchanging a used sensor if necessary without having to replace the whole probe, which is not only cost-effective but also avoids unnecessary waste.

We offer several OEM solutions and specially designed monitoring devices, that can improve and speed up your production processes. Different digital interfaces allow the integration of our devices in existing control systems.

With our extensive experience in OEM projects that we already have realized with our customers we can offer you best support. Let us be your partner in developing your new production process analysis system.

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