Probes for Gaseous & Dissolved O2 Monitoring

OXYPro® Series

The OXYPro® Series probes can directly be connected to a control unit and are available for different oxygen ranges, from wide range monitoring to detecting ultra-trace O2 amounts. These probes are ideally suited for applications in the biotech sector, the beverage industries or for oxygen monitoring in industrial applications, where they have to stand harsh measurement conditions. OXYPro® are offered in various lengths and have a removable sensor cap that can easily be exchanged. These caps are available in different versions for certain demands, from variants certified for food applications to caps that reduce air bubble formation during dissolved O2 monitoring. Therefore, no matter what your application is, our OXYPro® series oxygen probes offer the ideal tool for high accuracy oxygen measurements and control in your processes. Pick the probe that matches your measurement range and learn more!

  • For various O2 measurement ranges
  • Ideal for biotech, beverage & brewing industries, industrial applications
  • Simple integration at measurement site with PG 13.5 fitting
  • Stand steam sterilization and cleaning in place
  • Communication via RS485 (PreSens proprietary or Modbus RTU)
  • 4 - 20 mA analog output
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