Optical Sensors for Industries and Research

PreSens is a world leader in the field of optical sensor technology. We develop, manufacture and distribute sensor systems for biotech & pharma, food & beverage industries, scientific applications and medical research. Our optical sensors measure oxygen, pH & CO2 - parameters essential for life.

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  • Biology & Environmental

    Biology & Environmental

    Our worldwide customer base in biological & environmental research has now grown to hundreds of users coming from the University of Alaska in Anchorage to the University of Wellington in New Zealand. The various optical sensor designs – from microsensors thinner than a hair to robust stainless steel probes – make them applicable in a wide range of research fields.

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  • Biotech & Pharma
    Biotech & Pharma

    Our Biotech & Pharma business field helps pharmaceutical companies such as Roche and DSM to improve their bioprocess development with PreSens sensors. Customer feedback has influenced our product development for several years and we can therefore serve your needs.

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  • Medical & Life Sciences
    Medical & Life Sciences

    Our most recent business field arose from a cooperation with renowned medical technology manufacturers from the Medical Devices sector. PreSens supplies OEM parts, which are integrated into more complex medical systems or multisensory tools for high throughput analyses.

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  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage

    A cooperation with the market leader for beverage filling systems, Krones AG, Neutraubling, triggered our Food & Beverage business field in the late 1990’s. PreSens supplies sensors for checking the air-tightness of packaging and a special systems for determining the oxygen ingress in PET bottles at companies such as Nestle, Heineken or Danisco.

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  • Industry & Technical
    Medical & Industry

    Robust probes with excellent long-term stability or sensors for contactless measurement find use in technical or industrial applications. Specially designed flow-through connectors for integration in pipes are already applied to monitor the oxygen content in liquids or gases.

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Furthermore, PreSens offers engineering services and delivers high precision OEM components for optical measurements.
Special systems for biomass measurement in shake flasks and 2-dimensional analyte imaging are also available. PreSens optical sensors are applied in various scientific research fields and industrial applications for more than a decade now. Many customers all around the globe already make use of the advantages of optical measurements. So join them, and find the sensor system that fits your needs!

Versatile Optical Sensor Designs for Almost any Application

PreSens sensors come in many different designs, from robust dipping probes with stainless steel fittings, over small sensor spots, to microsensors with a tip size thinner than a hair. They are extremely versatile and can be applied for precision measurements in micro- as well as in macro-scale. Optical sensors can be easily miniaturized and due to their small size they can even be applied e. g. in small-scale stirred bioreactors, without disturbing the culture environment or liquid flow. Furthermore, these sensors do not require reference cells and do not consume the analyte during measurement. One of the greatest advantages of optical sensors, however, is the possibility of remote sensing: The sensing component (the actual sensor) and the electro-optical components for sensor read-out (the meter) do not have to be in direct contact. Optical measurements can be performed through transparent or even slightly colored vessel walls and optical windows. While the sensor is attached to the inner surface of a container its signal is recorded from the outside with the respective meter, reducing the risk of contamination to a minimum. Without sampling errors by oxygen ingress or CO2 outgassing can be avoided and completely closed systems can be monitored online.

Fiber Optic Meters, Special Systems & Imaging Solutions for O2, pH & CO2 Measurements

As versatile as our optical sensors are the electro-optical components for read-out. Portable meters with long-lasting batteries and immense storage capacity can be used for long-term measurements out in the field as well as for many different indoor applications. The benchtop fiber optic meters have a small footprint, so they can be set up almost anywhere, and are controlled via PC or notebook. Also special mutli-channel, multi-parameter systems for direct installation inside shaking incubators are available, allowing parallel online monitoring in a multitude of samples. 2-dimensional analyte imaging can be performed with a compact handheld fluorescence microscope that is powered via USB. However, the possibilities of optical measurement are not limited to that: PreSens delivers OEM components that can be implemented in customers’ systems for optical measurements in special set-ups. All PreSens fiber optic meters, readers and detector units are delivered with the respective control software. Optical measurements can be controlled, displayed in graphs and followed online.