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Biology & Environmental Research

Our worldwide customer base in biological & environmental research has now grown to hundreds of users coming from the University of Alaska in Anchorage to the University of Wellington in New Zealand. The various optical sensor designs – from microsensors thinner than a hair to robust stainless steel probes – make them applicable in a wide range of research fields. Whether it is contactless respiration measurements, monitoring in sediment pore water, profiling in biofilms, or 2-dimensional recording of analyte distributions in root systems, PreSens can deliver the right sensor solution for investigations in micro- or macro-scale.


Online Monitoring and Profiling in Sediments & Biofilms

PreSens offers several sensor solutions for measurements in biofilms and sediments from micro- to macro-scale: Profiling Microsensors together with our micromanipulator systems are the tools for accurate microprofiling. 2-dimensional assessment of gradient development in flume chambers or sediment cores is possible with the VisiSens™ imaging systems. Robust dipping probes can directly be inserted in soil or sediment cores and are well suited for long-term macro-scale investigations.

Respiration & Photosynthesis Measurements

PreSens non-invasive optical sensors are the ideal tool for respiration measurements. From tiny invertebrates to large aquatic organisms, our O2 and pH sensors can be integrated in most different respirometry chambers. For investigating the photosynthetic activity of plants, special vials with integrated sensor stripes can be applied to measure the oxygen content in the liquid sample and the headspace simultaneously.



Online Monitoring in Plant & Animal Physiology

Our sensor systems measure non-invasive or minimally invasive, which is of great advantage when working with living samples. Microsensors with a sensor tip thinner than a hair can be inserted into tissue or mounted inside catheters for high resolution measurements. Furthermore, sensor foils can be placed directly on the sample surface or a sample cross section and analyte distributions can be determined 2-dimensionally over time.

Long-term Measurements in Environmental Monitoring

Robust probes with stainless steel fittings can be applied for long-term monitoring in environmental studies. Portable, splash-proof devices with long-lasting batteries and immense storage capacity allow for prolonged computer-independent work out in the field. The Microx 4 series oxygen meters, for example, can be applied with different sensor designs, from microsensors, over tiny sensor spots, to dipping probes, so one device can be used for most different experiments.



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