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Food & Beverage

A cooperation with the market leader for beverage filling systems, Krones AG, Neutraubling, triggered our Food & Beverage business field in the late 1990’s. PreSens supplies sensors for checking the air-tightness of packaging and a special systems for determining the oxygen ingress in PET bottles at companies such as Nestle, Heineken or Danisco. Reliable results can be obtained in an easy, time-saving way and can help to ensure the filling quality and long-term storage stability of your products.

System for oxygen ingress measurements

Oxygen-Sensitive Caps and a Portable or Compact Benchtop O2 Meter

The Oxygen-Sensitive Cap OSC – a leak-tight closure with integrated oxygen sensor – is used to determine oxygen ingress in colored bottles. It is compatible with the bottle thread and can be screwed on. The integrated oxygen sensor is read out via polymer optical fiber with the portable Fibox 4 oxygen meter.

O2-sensitive Caps
Portable O2 Meter
Compact O2 Meter

pH measurement system for monitoring dairy starter cultures

pH Sensor Spots and a Compact pH Meter

The pH Sensor Spots allow contactless measurement in any transparent vessel. They are read out from the outside with the compact pH-1 mini via polymer optical fiber. It is an easy-to-handle system for fast screenings of dairy starter cultures or quality checks.

pH Spots
Compact pH Meter

PreSens Measurement Studio software for easy measurement control

PreSens Measurement Studio 2 Software

The PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software allows controlling multiple oxygen meters from one PC. This way measurement networks can esily be set-up, and oxygen in different stages of the production process can esily be monitored on one screen.

PreSens Measurement Studio 2 Software

O2 measurement system for packaging development and air-tightness tests

O2 Sensor Spots and a Portable or Compact Benchtop O2 Meter

Oxygen sensor spots can be integrated in transparent glass or plastic vessels and are then read out contactless via polymer optical fiber. The portable oxygen meter Fibox 4 allows quick and easy quality checks in most different packaging, inside liquids as well as in the headspace.

O2 Spots
Portable O2 Meter
Compact O2 Meter
Permeation Cell

Robust O2 probes for measurements in the production chain

Oxygen Probes for In-line Measurement

Our robust oxygen probes, integrated in stainless steel housings, stand autoclaving SIP (+ 130 °C, 1.5 atm) & CIP (80 °C, 2 % NaOH). They can be integrated in the process chain through adapters and ports and allow in-line oxygen monitoring in the liquid as well as the gas phase.

O2 Probe
Wall Mount Trace O2 Meter

O2 sensors in metal flow-through connectors for monitoring in steel pipes

Oxygen Probes Integrated in a Metal Flow-Through Connector

Oxygen sensors integrated in metal flow-through connectors can be integrated in steel pipes. They can be read out with portable oxygen meters and offer an easy method to check oxygen at different stages of production.

O2 Flow-Through Cell
Portable Trace O2 Meter

O2 probe for integration in Varivent Valve and in-line monitoring in breweries

OXYPro® probe for dissolved & gaseous oxygen measurements

Oxygen Sensor for Integration in Varivent Valve

Especially for the application in breweries we developed an oxygen probe that can easily be integrated in a varivent valve. It can be directly connected to a control unit. It is a convenient solution for monitoring oxygen inside steel pipes.

O2 Probe OXYPro®

O2 sensors for quality control in products and packaging

O2 Sensor in Different Designs with a Portable O2 Meter

Unwanted oxygen taken up during production or the filling process can shorten the shelf life of certain products. PreSens offers several sensor solutions for measurements in the final product under real conditions. Systems for measurements in the headspace and final product are offered.

O2 Spots autoclavable
O2 Spots non-autoclavable
Needle-type O2 Microsensor
Portable Trace O2 Meter

Packaging Development: Contactless & non-destructive determination of oxygen ingress in food packaging

Oxygen inside packaging can lead to oxidative deterioration of foods or beverages. The amount of tolerable oxygen inside packaging can differ greatly according to the packed product. PreSens oxygen sensors help finding the right packaging material for your product. Materials with different oxygen permeability or the tightness of closures can easily be determined in contactless measurements with oxygen sensor spots. Even smallest oxygen traces can be detected.

Material Research: Oxygen transmission rate of synthetic materials

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging in Freising, Germany, PreSens has developed an extremely leak tight measurement cell for testing different material films. An oxygen meter and sensors with a measurement range from 1 ppb to 100 % oxygen allow investigating perforated or high-barrier materials on their oxygen transmission rate. Even the effect of different coatings on the oxygen barrier properties can be analyzed with this easy-to-handle measurement tool.

Quality Control: Oxygen determination in headspace & the product

Unwanted oxygen taken up during production or the filling process can shorten the shelf life of certain products. PreSens offers several sensor solutions for measurements in the final product under real conditions. The oxygen content in the headspace of packages as well as in the product itself can easily be determined in micro-invasive or even contactless measurements. This way the quality of the final packed or bottled product and a long shelf life can be assured.

In-Process Control: Fast assessment of oxygen levels during production

PreSens offers engineering services, to provide sensor solutions for in-process measurements, according to your needs. Several specially designed measurement systems for breweries are already available. Flow-through cells with integrated sensors that can be installed in steel pipes, or robust probes for in-line measurement that stand CIP, SIP and autoclaving are combined with portable oxygen meters and allow easy checks at different stages of production. In case you are looking for a different solution for in-process control, do not hesitate to contact us!


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