Determine the Oxygen Transmission Rate of Material Films

Permeation Cell OTR-PSt3 / -PSt6 / -PSt9

The measurement cell made of stainless steel is designed for improved leak tightness. The cell is divided into two chambers, each with two gas connectors. The upper chamber comprises an optical window, where the optical oxygen sensor is integrated. Depending on the investigated material film an OTR-PSt3 with a wide range oxygen sensor, OTR-PSt6 for trace oxygen measurements, or the OTR-PSt9 for ultra-trace measurements and assessment of high-barrier materials can be used. The test material is fixed between those two chambers. Then both chambers can be flushed independently with gas or liquid. In the upper chamber an oxygen-free environment is created while the lower chamber is filled with oxygen-rich medium. This way the oxygen transmission rate through the material can be detected with the oxygen sensor in the top chamber.

  • OTR measurements in gas & liquids
  • Investigate low barrier materials with OTR-PSt3
  • OTR-PSt6 ensitive down to 1 ppb dissolved oxygen
  • Ultra-low detection limit of 0.5 ppm gaseous oxygen with OTR-PSt9 – for high barrier materials
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Evaluation of the OTR Measurement Device

A well-characterized 100 μm PET film (Hostaphan®RB 100) was used for measurements with the Permeation Cell and a PSt6 sensor The permeability of this film is well known and was determined to range from 12.26 to 14.10 cm3 (STP) / (m2 d bar) in more than 100 reference measurements. First, both chambers of the measurement cell were flushed with nitrogen to determine the leakage of the device (zero value). Then the lower chamber was filled with oxygen and measurements were taken over several days. The increase of oxygen partial pressure recorded with the optical sensor showed a quasi/linear slope up to 40 hPa. The oxygen permeation determined in the measurement cell was 12.78 cm3 (STP) / (m2 d bar), which is in good accordance with the previously determined permeability for the reference film.
(Müller K., et al.: New Permeation Measurement Device Using Chemical Optical Sensor Spots, 25th IAPRI Symposium on Packaging, 2011, Berlin)

Oxygen Transmission Rate of Ultra Low Barrier Materials

The required oxygen barrier properties for food packaging can vary in a wide range. Some respiring fresh fruits or vegetables need ultra low barrier packaging. These highly permeable materials cannot be measured using the established gas carrier method. With the optical permeation measurement system, on the other hand, even perforated films and paper compounds can be investigated. The highest measured permeability with this system was 2 x 107 cm3 (STP) / (m2 d bar) for a 30 μm PET film filled with CaCO3.

Oxygen Transmission Rate of Ultra High Barrier Materials

High barrier materials are needed in technical applications, like e.g. for vacuum insulation panels or photovoltaic modules, and can show permeation rates below 5 x 10-3 cm3 (STP) / (m2 d bar). A film composed of several metallized PET layers with a PE sealing layer had been measured in the Permeation Cell with integrated PSt9 sensor. The determined zero value was 0.0176 cm3 (STP) / (m2 d bar). So this measurement system can be used to determine oxygen permeation in high barrier materials.


Oxygen sensorsSP-PSt3, SP-PSt6, or SP-PSt9
Measurement rangePSt3: > 100 cm3 (STP)/(m2 d bar)
PSt6: 10-2 to 107 cm3 (STP)/(m2 d bar)
PSt9: 10-3 to 100 cm3 (STP)/(m2 d bar)
DimensionsOuter diameter approx. 107 mm
Inner diameter approx. 900 mm
WeightApprox. 2.9 kg
Gas volume in the upper chamber116 cm3
Permeation surface68.1 cm2
MaterialStainless steel
Gas connectors4 swagelok valves: NPT-external thread 1/8 inch

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