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Robust probes with excellent long-term stability or sensors for contactless measurement find use in technical or industrial applications. Specially designed flow-through connectors for integration in pipes are already applied to monitor the oxygen content in liquids or gases. Sensors for ultra-low oxygen concentrations help in the development of oxygen-sensitive products, or the control of processes. PreSens also offers OEM components for integration in the customer’s system and full engineering services for development of customized optical sensor systems.


Monitoring in Oxygen-Sensitive Processes

The trace oxygen sensor type PSt6 with a measurement range of 0 – 5 % oxygen and a detection limit of 1 ppb is ideally suited for monitoring or quality checks in oxygen-sensitive processes. Detecting smallest oxygen traces can make the difference in many applications and PreSens optical sensors offer an easy measurement tool allowing even non-invasive measurements.

Oxygen Measurements in Tanks & Pipelines

PreSens offers a variety of metal flow-through connectors and sight glasses with integrated oxygen sensors. Different oxygen sensor types cover the whole range from 1 ppb to 100 % oxygen.

Oxygen-free Orbital Metal Welding

Oxygen integrated during the welding process might cause corrosion. Therefore, the welding joint is flushed with argon to displace all oxygen. An oxygen measurement unit by PreSens is installed in a bypass to detect even smallest oxygen traces below 200 ppm and to guarantee best welding results.

Customized Optical Sensor Systems

Right from the start in 1997, PreSens customized its sensor designs according to users’ needs. Since 2001, PreSens offers dedicated OEM solutions for different industries like packaging suppliers, pharmaceutical production and medical device manufacturers. The multitude of the different sensing chemistries makes it so versatile.


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