Wireless O2 Measurements Controlled via Smartphone

VP8-BT ST Cable with Bluetooth Module for OXYPro®

This accessory for OXYPro® allows controlling oxygen measurements wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. Now you can follow oxygen development in your processes not only on a PCU but also in the PreSens Wireless Studio app. The VP8-BT ST cable with its integrated Bluetooth module is compatible with all OXYPro® Modbus RTU probes. The cable connects the oxygen probe to a control unit while measurement settings, checks on O2 development or data download can be done wirelessly from a smartphone without cable connection. The PreSens Wireless Studio app is available for Android and iOS and offers many additional features - like analog output settings or Modbus configuration. VP8-BT ST is the accessory for easy and wireless oxygen measurement control in your processes.

  • Wireless oxygen measurement control
  • Compatible with OXYPro® Modbus RTU probes
  • PreSens Wireless Studio app (Android/iOS)
  • Cable connection to PCU & Bluetooth connectivity
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OXYPro® with Wireless Control for Your Bioreactor

The oxygen probe can easily be connected to your control system, while measurement settings and control, graphical display and data download can be done via smartphone or tablet. Precise oxygen measurements enable control and contribute to safe and stable culture conditions. The probe can be calibrated with a fast barcode scan. This low maintenance probe combined with wireless control reduces the workload considerably.

Wireless O2 Monitoring in Industrial Processes

The OXYPro® series probes are designed for harsh conditions like high pressure or oil/water mixtures. Combined with the VP8-BT ST cable and wireless oxygen measurement control they are ideally suited for monitoring chemical industrial processes or oxygen sensitive applications. Now you can monitor gaseous or dissolved oxygen in most different environments, like e.g. gas pipelines or tanks, conveniently from your smartphone.


Compatible O2 probesOXYPro® WRM, MRM, TRM, UTM
DimensionsStandard cable length: 2 m or 5 m (other lengths available on request)
Digital interfaceRS485 Modbus RTU, half-duplex (variable Baud rate, default: 19200, data bits: 8, parity: none, stop bits: 1, handshake: none)
Bluetooth Standard 4.2 LE


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available for
Android (6.0 or higher)
iOS (9.0 or higher)

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