PreSens' Featured OEM Component for Measurements in Production-Scale Bioreactors

Mid-Range Oxygen Probe OXYPro® MR & MRM

The OXYPro® MR & MRM combine an optical sensor type PSt8 and electro-optical module in one probe. The sensor has a maximum measurement range of 0 - 20.9 % O2, and a detection limit of 0.007 % O2 / 3 ppb. It is integrated in a removable sensor cap (OEC), which can easily be exchanged. The mid-range OXYPro® are ideally suited for applications in the food & beverage sector, e. g. soft drink production or wineries. The exchange caps are not only available in a version safe for food applications, but also with fast response time, for measurements in aggressive environments, or for reduced air bubble formation on the sensor. The OXYPro® are directly connected to the control unit and have a standard PG 13.5 stainless steel thread for easy integration at the measurement site. As a digital interface these probes use RS485 (OXYPro® MR = PreSens proprietary, OXYPro® MRM = Modbus RTU) and have 4 - 20 mA analog output.

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