Plugs with Sensors for Microfluidic and Millifluidic Chips

O2 SensorPlug

The O2 SensorPlug by PreSens is specifically designed for millifluidic and microfluidic applications. With the appropriate chip and port design, SensorPlugs allow for online monitoring of O2 at one or several positions on your microfluidic device. An optical sensor is attached to e.g. a Mini Luer plug, which can easily be integrated in your chip via the corresponding port. A polymer optical fiber with 1 mm diameter connects the plug with an oxygen meter. The sensor is read out non-invasively, so there is no risk of contamination. SensorPlugs are delivered beta irradiated and pre-calibrated and you are ready to start your measurements right away.
We offer customized SensorPlug formats as well as support for chip and port design including the VisiSens 2D imaging system for preliminary evaluation of your chip. The O2 SensorPlugs can be combined with pH and CO2 SensorPlugs and measurements can be controlled from one PC via the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software.

  • Non-invasive O2 monitoring in millifluidic & microfluidic chips
  • Pre-calibrated sensors, plug & play
  • Beta irradiated
  • Compatible with PMS2, standard PreSens O2 meters & EOMs
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Cell Culture Microenvironment Monitoring

SensorPlugs offer the unique possibility to measure contactless directly inside the channel. This way the cells' undisturbed microenvironment can be monitored and investigated. Tumor cell research, the assessment of cell metabolism or cell signaling in organ-on-a-chip applications will profit from this information.

Reaction Monitoring in Microfluidics

Oxygen, pH and CO2 are important parameters in many chemical reactions. Direct monitoring in the microchannels can enable precise control of the reactions and deliver decisive information about reaction speed. Oxygen monitoring with SensorPlugs is a further step towards real Lab-on-a-Chip applications.


Specifications Gaseous & Dissolved O2 Dissolved O2
*after two-point calibration as described in the manual
Measurement range 0 - 100 % O2
0 - 1000 hPa
0 - 45 mg/L
0 - 1400 µmol/L
Limit of detection 0.03 % oxygen 15 ppb
Resolution ± 0.01 % O2 at 1 % O2
± 0.05 % O2 at 20.9 % O2
± 0.005 mg/L at 0.4 mg/L
± 0.025 mg/L at 9.06 mg/L
Accuracy at + 20 °C* ± 0.05 % O2 or ± 3 % rel.  
Measurement temperature range From 0 to + 50 °C  
Response time (t90) < 6 sec. < 40 sec.
Compatible O2 meters OXY-1 ST (trace), OXY-4 ST (trace), Microx 4 (trace)
Compatibility Aqueous solutions, ethanol, methanol
No cross-sensitivity pH 1 - 14
CO2, H2S, SO2
Ionic species
Cross-sensitivity Organic solvents such as acetone, toluene, chloroform or methylene chloride
Chlorine gas
Cleaning procedure Ethylene oxide (EtO), beta irradiation
Calibration Two-point calibration in oxygen-free environment (nitrogen, sodium sulfite) and air-saturated environment
Storage stability 60 months provided the sensor material is stored in the dark at room temperature
Plug type Male Mini Luer fluid connector; customized plug formats available on request

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