Compact Oxygen Transmitter for Use with Numerous Sensor Designs


This extremely small and lightweight oxygen meter can be used with microsensors (200 µm fiber) in different designs, non-invasive sensors, dipping probes and flow-through cells (1 mm fiber). Its small outer dimensions make it feasible for almost any application. OXY-1 ST is compatible with sensor type PSt7 (detection limit 15 ppb, 0 - 100 % oxygen). It is operated with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software and offers temperature, pressure and salinity compensated measurements. The software has numerous features and allows to control several OXY-1 ST simultaneously. Powered via USB no extra cables or adapters are needed. This oxygen meter is the solution for most precise micro-invasive or non-invasive measurements.

  • Measurement range of 0 - 100 % oxygen
  • For use with microsensors, dipping probes, non-invasive sensor spots and FTCs
  • USB-powered
  • Controlled by PreSens Measurement Studio 2
  • Compensation of temperature, pressure and salinity
  • Lightweight (only 128 g)
  • Small outer dimensions
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Biological & Environmental Research with OXY-1 ST Devices

OXY-1 ST and OXY-1 ST Trace are the solution for lab experiments in biological and environmental research. They can quickly be set up in a fw easy steps and as they are powered via USB no extra power connection is needed. They can be used with numerous different sensor desings, from microsensors to flow-through cells with integrated oxygen sensor and can be applied for oxygen measurements in almost any measurement set-up. With temperature, pressure and salinity compensation they deliver most precise results in any environment. Measure in sedimets with our slender dipping probes, use microsensors for O2 profiling in plant or animal tissues, or assess the oxygen content in closed systems with our non-invasive oxygen sensor spots that can be read out through transparent container walls. There is almost no limit to the applicability of these compact and versatile oxgyen meters.

Versatile Oxygen Meters for Quality Control

Whenever it is important to check the oxygen content of your products, as it might affect its quality, OXY-1 ST devices are your solution. They can be applied for fast checks or continuous measurement in products or packaging. The control software allows to operate several OXY-1 ST simultaneously so multiple samples can be analyzed. With sensor spots non-invasive oxygen measurements in filled and closed containers can be conducted. Connected to oxygen microsensors these oxygen meters enable measurements even in smallest headspace, e. g. in pharmaceutical packaging. Due to the fast response time of the microsensors the oxygen content in the headspace and a liquid product can be determined in one measurement within seconds.

Compact Oxygen Meters for Medical Research & Life Sciences

OXY-1 ST devices can easily be set up and operated via the software while requiring minimum space. The software offers numerous functions for visualization and analysis of your online oxygen measurements. Combined with oxgyen microsensors the OXY-1 ST and OXY-1 ST Trace can for example be applied to measure profiles in smallest sample volumes or in tissue constructs. PreSens oxygen sensors are already applied in numerous tissue engineering applications. Used with oxygen sensor spots these devices allow non-invasive oxygen monitoring in culture vessels, so there is no risk of contamination. Even online monitoring in perfusion systems can easily be conducted with the OXY-1 ST connected to a single-use flow-through cell. No matter where you want to measure - the OXY-1 ST devices are your tool for precise oxygen measurements!

Microprofiling with OXY-1 ST Devices

OXY-1 ST and OXY-1 ST Trace can be used with microsensors in different designs for profiling applications. Combined with our Manual or Automated Micromanipulators these oxygen meters are ideally suited for oxygen measurements e. g. in sediments, biofilms, tissue samples, or small cell culture volumes. The tiny micorsensor tip can be localized precisely inside the sample and oxygen development or gradients in boundary layers can be assessed with µm reading accuracy. The measurements are visualized and can be followed online with the software.


Oxygen sensor PSt7 (optical ST connector)
Temperature sensor Pt100 temperature connector (sensor not included)
Temperature performance from 0 °C to + 50 °C, resolution ± 0.1 °C, accuracy ± 1.0 °C
Power supply 5 VDC (USB-2.0-Mini-B, cable included)
Temperature: operating / storage from 0 °C to + 50 °C / from - 20 °C to + 70 °C
Relative humidity 0 % to 80 % (non-condensing)
Dimensions 99 mm (with connectors) x 35 mm x 30 mm
Weight 128 g
Digital Interface USB interface cable to PC (cable included)

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