How do I import data into excel from a text file containing measurement data?

First of all, please note that the described procedure is not software specific!

1. Open excel.

2. Go to the main menu and click File > Open or "Ctrl + O".


3. Choose the text file from the dialog box opened.

4. This will lead to a wizard; in step 1 activate the checkbox "Delimited" as shown below.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Excel window "Text Import Wizard" with activated checkbox "Delimited"

5. In a second step activate the checkboxes "Tab" and "Semicolon" under the "Delimiters".

Screenshot of the Microsoft Excel window "Text Import Wizard - Step 2 of 3" with activated checkboxes "Tab" and "Semicolon".

6. As final step, press the "Finish" button.


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