Vibration-free, High Resolution Control for Your Microsensor

Manual Micromanipulator MM33

The Manual Micromanipulator MM33 offers high resolution control when working with PreSens microsensors. The system allows moving the microsensor vibration-free in 3 axes with µm reading accuracy. The MM33 is equipped with a tilting platform - so mounted to the Heavy Stand it can be adjusted and used in any required position. It can additionally be equipped with the Safe-Insert accessory. This allows to insert the microsensor retracted in its steel needle securely into your area of interest. The sensor tip can then be extended delicately and safely with µm reading accuracy, without risk of breaking the sensor fiber.

  • Tilting mechanism
  • Vibration-free micromanipulation in 3D
  • Fine drive with µm reading accuracy
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Microprofiling in Biological & Environmental Research

The different types of oxygen and pH microsensors allow e. g. measurements in smallest sample volumes or inside tissue. The micromanipulators should be applied whenever it is necessary to insert the microsensor safely into semi-solid samples and when exact localization and stabilization of the microsensor tip within the sample is required. Using the safe-insert function the microsensor tip can be securely inserted and localized at the exact position where you want to conduct your measurements.

Microsensor Measurements in Medical & Life Science Research

PreSens microsensors are ideal tools for medical and life science research, as they allow for precise on the spot measurement and microprofiling inside tissue constructs. The Manual Micromanipulator is the indispensable equipment in these applications for exact localization of the microsensor inside the sample and microprofiling in step sizes down to 10 μm. PreSens needle-type microsensors are used in many tissue engineering applications.


CompatibilityNeedle-type Housed (NTH), Profiling (PM) and Implantable (IMP) oxygen & pH microsensors
Dimensions160 mm x 90 mm x 190 mm
Weight1000 g
Travel range

x-axis: 37 mm, fine drive: 10 mm
y-axis: 20 mm
z-axis: 25 mm

Reading accuracyCoarse adjustment: 0.1 mm
Fine adjustment: 0.01 mm
Coarse positioningx-axis: 70 mm
Rotatability360 °
MaterialAluminum & steel

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