Enables a Stable and Vibration-free Mounting of the Automated Micromanipulator

Heavy Stand (HS)

The Heavy Stand (HS) ensures save mounting and operation of the Automated Micromanipulator. The heavy base plate enables a most stable and vibration-free set-up. The HS comes with two square profile rails of different lengths, so the micromanipulator can be installed in different heights, and is adaptable to different samples. Additionally, two metal rods can be attached to the HS to install further measurement equipment, like VisiSens, cameras or lighting next to the AM. The HS can be balanced with its three adjusting feet and the spirit level integrated in the base plate if required.

  • Adjustable micromanipulator height and orientation & can be balanced
  • For AM & MM33
  • Additional mounting rods for further equipment
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Dimensions (H x W x D) Base plate: 60 mm x 400 mm x 450 mm
Posts (H): 500 mm (long post) / 300 mm (short post)
Weight 14 kg
Mounting M6 screws
Material Aluminium & stainless steel (screws & mounting rods)
Features 3 x adjustable feet, 1 x circular level, 2 x mounting rods (∅ 12 mm)

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