Micro-invasive Measurements in Customized Applications

Implantable pH Microsensor IMP-HP5

The implantable pH Microsensor IMP-HP5 is not mounted into any additional housing and therefore ideally suited for implementation in customized applications. The bare glass fiber tip can be mounted to your own housings, steel tubes, catheters, etc. This tiny probe has a tip size of 150 μm, while the outer diameter ranges from 140 μm to 900 μm. As the IMP-HP5 is free of metal, it can be used in the presence of high electromagnetical fields and even NMR environment.

  • High spatial resolution
  • Measurement in smallest volumes
  • Designed for customized applications
  • Integration into plant and animal tissue
  • Optimized for culture media and physiological solutions
  • Independent of electromagnetic fields
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pH Measurement in Plants & Animals

pH Microsensors can be implemented in plant tissue or even in small animals. New insights in physiological aspects can be obtained. Due to the small size of the probes only a minimal disturbance will occur.

pH Measurement in Small Volumes

Due to the small dimension of the probe, pH measurements can be done in very small volumes - even in microtiter plates of a higher format like 384 or 1536. No need for reference electrodes - a real step forward, especially in small volumes. Of course, the measurement is independent of electromagnetical fields - this even allows measuring in NMR spectrometers.


* provided pH sensors are used without further handling in physiological solutions
Measurement range5.5 - 8.5 pH
Resolutionat pH = 7: ± 0.02 pH
Accuracyat pH = 7: ± 0.1 pH with sensor calibration
Driftat pH = 7: < 0.05 pH per day (sampling interval of 1 min.)
Measurement temperature rangefrom + 5 to + 50 °C
Response time (t90)at 25 °C: < 30 sec.
CompatibilityAqueous solutions, ethanol (max. 10 % v/v), methanol (max. 10 % v/v), pH 2 - 10
No cross-sensitivityElectrical fields, proteins
Cross-sensitivityReduced to ionic strength (salinity); a high concentration of small fluorescent molecules in the visible range can interfere
Sterilization procedureEthylene oxide (Et0), recalibration recommended
Cleaning procedureWater, Acrylan, pepsin solution
CalibrationpH sensors are pre-calibrated, recalibration is possible
Storage stability24 months provided the sensor is stored in the dark

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