Non-invasive pH Measurements in 6-Well Dishes

HydroDish® HD6

Pre-calibrated pH sensors are integrated at the bottom of each round well of this 6-well multidish and are read out with the SDR SensorDish® Reader non-invasively. The HD6 are delivered beta-irradiated and can be put inside an incubator.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Pre-calibrated
  • Manual calibration possible
  • Ideal for cell cultivation & tissue engineering
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* in physiological solutions, 37 °C
Measurement range pH 6.0 - 8.5
Resolution* at pH = 7: ± 0.05 pH
Precision* ± 0.2 pH at pH = 7 (sensor batch calibration)
± 0.1 pH at pH = 7 (sensor spot calibration)
Drift* < 0.1 pH within one week (sampling interval 10 min.)
Measurement temperature range from + 15 to + 45 °C
Response time (t90) at 25 °C: < 120 sec.
Compatibility Aqueous solutions, ethanol (max. 10 % v/v), methanol (max. 10 % v/v), pH 2 - 10
Cross-sensitivity Reduced to ionic strength (salinity); high concentration of small fluorescent molecules in the visible range can interfere
Calibration Pre-calibrated
Disposables are delivered beta-irradiated
Maximum filling volume 15 mL

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