24-Channel Reader for Online O2 & pH Monitoring in 6- and 24-Well Plates

SDR SensorDish® Reader Extension Set

Up to 9 SDR Extension Sets can be combined with one Basic Set. The Extension Set consists of a reader and a connection cable to install up to 10 devices in a row. Instead of having to change the plate on the reader monitoring can be carried out in up to 240 samples in parallel. The up to 9 Extension Sets and the Basic Set SDR can be controlled and read out with one software.

  • Optional extension for parallel monitoring of up to 240 samples
  • Parallel online monitoring in disposable 24- or 6-well plates
  • Deep well plates (24-well format) & low well plates available
  • Non-invasive & non-destructive measurement
  • Pre-calibrated
  • For use in incubators and on shakers
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* In physiological solutions at 37 °C
Measuring range6.0 - 8.5 pH0 - 50 % O2
Resolution*± 0.05 pH at = 7± 0.4 % O2 at 20.9 % O2
Precision*± 0.2 pH at pH = 7 (sensor batch calibration)
± 0.1 pH at pH = 7 (sensor spot calibration)

± 1 % O2 at 20.9 % O2

Drift*< 0.1 pH within one week (sampling interval 10 min.)< 0.2 % O2 within one week (sampling interval 10  min.)
Measurement temperature rangefrom + 15 °C to + 45 °C
Response time (t90) at 25 °C< 30 sec.< 120 sec.
CompatibilityAqueous solutions, ethanol (max. 10 % v/v), methanol (max. 10 % v/v), pH 2 - 10
Cross-sensitivityReduced to ionic strength (salinity); high concentration of small fluorescent molecules in the visible range can interfere
CalibrationHydroDishes® and OxoDishes® are pre-calibrated
Input18 - 24 V DC 150 mA  
Weight380 g  
Dimensions16.3 cm x 8.9 cm x 2.2 cm  

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SDR version v4.0.0 - Windows XP/Vista/7/10
USB Serial Driver - Windows XP/Vista
USB Serial Driver - Windows 7/8/8.1

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