Why can't I upload a previous measurement in the SDR software?

Please check the following:

  • Are the .xml file and the data folder of the same name located in the same parent folder? If not, you have moved them manually. Please move them back into the same folder again. Otherwise, the software cannot find the measurement data.
  • Have you renamed the .xml file and / or the data folder in the Windows Explorer? If so, the software cannot find the data anymore. Please open the .xml file by double-clicking on the file name. It opens in a browser (e. g. Internet Explorer). One of the first lines named FileName contains the name of the measurement. Copy this name and close the .xml file. Then rename the .xml file and the folder back to the original filename again in the Windows Explorer.
  • Has the measurement been performed using English (US) or German regional settings, and is the PC you are trying to open the measurement on running with the same regional settings? If not, please switch to the regional settings the measurement was performed with and try to upload it. Contact us if this is not possible (it depends on the Regional Settings).
  • Does the measurement contain data? If you log a measurement, but close it again without having pressed START, there won't be any data stored with the measurement. You can check this, as 24 of the files located in the data folder will have a file size of 0 KB.


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