Are there some general recommendations for measurements with the SDR?

We recommend the following:

  • Use at least 3 replicates to be able to recognize outliers.
  • Use control wells where no change should appear (e. g. medium without organisms). This will help you recognize changes which are not related to the monitored reaction / metabolism, but are caused by other factors, e. g. temperature fluctuations or evaporation.
  • Pre-equilibration of your samples will shorten the time until you can obtain correct values (see also our FAQs on equilibration time and why equilibration is so important).
  • Choose an appropriate measurement interval. If you do a long-term measurement of several days, 5 to 10 min will be sufficient. For shorter measurements, a shorter interval of 3 min could be more appropriate. You can change the interval during a running measurement.
  • Measuring only once a day is not very useful, as much information about what is happening in between measurements will be lost!
  • Close all other applications on your PC during an SDR measurement, as they may interfere with the software.


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