Cytotoxicity Determination

Marie-Theres Weil, and Tobias Werner

GIT Laboratory Journal 2012 5-6

A Method for the Evaluation of New Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

With an increasing number of new active pharmaceutical ingredients, it becomes more and more important to find efficient and fast screening approached for industrial application. The objective of this project was to develop a cytotoxicity assay with high throughput by monitoring the cellular respiration in cell culture. When cells are treated with cytotoxic compounds, they tend to become apoptotic and do not consume anymore oxygen. If the amount of oxygen diffusion into the medium is greater than the oxygen consumption of the remaining cells that survived, the overalll dissolved oxygen content in the medium increases. In contrast to this, when treating cells with cytostatic compounds, the oxygen consumption shoud stay relatively constant as a result of stopping the prolierating process.


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