The SDR software says 'No SDR found'. What can I do?

Please check the following:

  • Are all cables connected properly?
  • Is the power supply working? The left LED on the Splitter must be on.
  • Watch the LEDs on the Splitter while connecting: Are the LEDs in the middle both blinking while connecting? If the left LED is not blinking, the USB cable might be damaged. If the left LED is blinking and the right one is not, the cable connection to the SDR might be damaged. Is the right LED on while trying to connect and off otherwise? If it is on all the time, please move the cable a little until it is off.
  • Have you chosen the correct COM Port? Check the correct COM Port number in the Windows device manager and set it accordingly in the SDR software. Be aware that only COM Port numbers lower than 15 are recognized by the software. Please see the Instruction Manual for detailed information.
  • Has the driver of the USB serial cable been installed correctly? If not, you won't be able to find the respective COM Port in the device manager.
  • If you use a RS232 cable together with a USB adapter, please make sure you use the recommended adapter (from Keyspan), as it may not work using other adapters.

If the error still occurs, please contact us for help.


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