PreSens' Featured dCO2 Measurement System for Environmental Research

CO2-1 ST

This small and lightweight CO2 meter can be used with needle-type or implantable CO2 microsensors and dipping probes type CDM1. CO2-1 ST has temperature compensation, so most precise measurements in environments with changing temperature can be taken. The CO2 meter is operated with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software, which enables simultaneous control of several devices. Powered via USB no extra cables or adapters are needed. This carbon dioxide meter is the solution for most precise micro-invasive measurements in animal & plant physiology or for analyzing liquids.

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CO2 Steel Dipping Probe DP-CDM1-ST

Low Range CO2 Steel Dipping Probe DP-CDM1-ST

The carbon dioxide dipping probe type CDM1 is compatible with the multi-purpose carbon dioxide meter CO2-1 ST. It is designed for measuring down to ambient CO2 levels in a range of 0.02 % - 5 %.  The fiber end with attached carbon dioxide sensor is covered by a robust stainless-steel fitting so the probe can be put into semi-solid samples as well as in liquids without a problem. The probe has an outer diameter of 3 mm and a standard length of 10 cm; other lengths are available on request. The probe can be combined with the PreSens Manual and Automated Micromanipulators. It is ideally suited for analyzing liquids or environmental and biological research.

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PreSens Measurement Studio 2 Software screenshots

PreSens Measurement Studio 2 Software

The PreSens Measurement Studio 2 has been developed and designed to control several PreSens devices connected to a PC / notebook with one software. Easy data management for sensors, measurement files, and users as well as export of files into .csv and .xslx format can be realized with just a few clicks. The intuitive measurement control eases performing precise oxygen, pH and CO2 measurements with multiple devices simultaneously.
The software offers many additional features, like compensation of salinity, so most precise measurements can be conducted. You can also group measurement channels so the temperature and (for O2 & CO2 devices) pressure inputs from one single device can be shared with the rest of the grouped devices. Build your own measurement network and measure O2, pH and CO2 simultaneously, all controlled from one PC.

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