Development of a Shaken Scale-Down Model

H. Kley, J. Kreuzmann, C. Schuster, and R. Puskeiler

GIT Laboratory Journal 2011 9-10

Characterization of Critical Parameters in Bioprocess Development

A shaken scale-down model at approx 0.1 L scale for a previously established stirred-tank model at 2 L scale was developed. In the shaken scale-down model online monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen concentration was performed using the Shake Flask Reader (SFR) by PreSens. Though only a simple, manual control of these two parameters could be realized the shaken scale-down model achieved similar data to the stirred-tank model for viable cell density, specific glycosylation content, and ion exchange chromatography pattern. These results suggest that for this process the importance of pH and DO control might be overestimated and further investigations have to be made for evaluating and comparing the influence of shear stress and power input in both models.


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