Measure O2, pH and/or CO2 in Your Microfluidic or Millifluidic Chip - Apply now!

Win a complete measurement set!

Your research group focusses on millifluidic or microfluidic chip design, Lab-on-a-Chip or Organ-on-a-Chip applications? Monitoring O2, pH and/or CO2 in the microchannels would deliver essential results and increase your chances of success?
Join our SensorPlugs competition and try this new monitoring technology for free!

SensorPlugs for oxygen, pH and CO2 are specially designed for microfluidic and millifluidic applications. The sensor is attached to the tip of a plug, which is inserted in the corresponding port on the chip so the spot is in contact with the sample inside the channel. The standard version of the SensorPlugs is based on a Mini-Luer. The channel diameter has to be at least 2 mm at the monitoring position so the complete sensor spot is in contact with the sample. When inserted, the plug is sealing the port and the tip carrying the sensor is slightly protruding into the channel. Once the apporpriate ports are included, monitoring with SensorPlugs can be achieved easily with high precision and reproducibility. The sensors are read out with compact meters, and measurements for one or all analytes can be controlled with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software.

Fill out the application form and send it back to us with a design drawing for a possible chip layout. PreSens will provide the complete equipment with two SensorPlugs for each analyte you want to measure for a maximum period of two months. With technical support and consulting by our experts you use the SensorPlugs for your experiments and prepare a report describing your results. Tell us how the sensors contributed to your work!
A scientific committee will then judge all competition entries and the winner will be awarded with:

  • Complete set of O2, pH & CO2 measurent devices and accessories
  • Voucher worth 500 € for SensorPlug purchases
  • Flashforge Finder 3D printer

If measuring O2, pH and/or CO2 non-invasively in your chips sounds like the solution for your research work, don't hesitate and apply today!


For further information on how to take part and a detailed outline of the competition along with deadlines and agreements please read the Terms and Conditions linked below.

Terms and Conditions


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