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Polymer Optical Fiber with Protective Cover POF-SCT

This polymer optical fiber for all meters with SMA socket is especially suited for sensor read-out in harsh environments or applications where solvents might get in touch with the fiber. It transfers excitation light to the sensor and the sensor response back to the meter. The metal spiral tube cover avoids accidental bending or damaging the fiber. The fiber is available in different lengths and either with SMA and magnetic connector (POF-SCT-MH-1SMA for FTM-M10) or with 2 SMA connectors (POF-SCT-2SMA for FTM2).

  • Metal spiral tube cover
  • Solvent-resistant
  • Safe from accidental bending
  • Magnetic connection to FTM-M10 available
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Dimensions Optical diameter: 2 mm
Outer diameter (incl. metal spiral tube): approx. 6 mm
Min. bending radius: 8 cm
Min. inner winding diameter: 15 cm (POF-length < 0.5 m), 20 cm (POF-length > 0.5 m)
Connector type POF-SCT-MH-1SMA: SMA connector and magnetic connector for FTM-M10
POF-SCT-2SMA: SMA connectors on both ends for FTM2
Length of fiber Available standard lengths 2.5 m and 5.0 m; for lengths of more than 5 m, please contact our service team
Compatibility All devices with SMA connectors, e.g. Fibox 4, OXY-1 WM

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