Are there any constraints when autoclaving glass or plastic vessels with integrated self-adhesive pH Sensor Spots SP-HP5-SA?

Self-adhesive pH Sensor Spots integrated in glass vessels (like e. g. shake flasks / Erlenmeyer flasks) can be autoclaved once, but NOT inside medium.

If the SP-HP5-SA is integrated in a plastic vessels (e. g. a shake flasks / Erlenmeyer flasks) made of PC or PP and the plastic can stand the autoclaving conditions, then the sensor can also be autoclaved in the medium (mineral medium) once.

Furthermore, you should take care that the sensor is not covered by distilled water throughout the autoclaving process. We recommend covering the vessels with aluminum foil or autoclave them upside down or lying on the side, so water does not enter the vessel and submerse the sensor spot.


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